Squeezebox Stories, hosted by Marco Werman of PRI’s The World, is a sound-rich, narrative-driven public radio documentary exploring the social history, multicultural adaptation and musical variations of the accordion.

The accordion is about much more than the Polka; it’s one of the first global instruments. Played all over the world–everywhere from Italy to China to Zanzibar–, the squeezebox is a great vehicle for telling immigration stories.

In this hour, we visit Zydeco dance halls and Mexican Norteño clubs, punk rock apprentices and Arabic master musicians—all to discover what’s behind the surprisingly wide appeal of this ultimate people’s instrument.

On this website, you can listen to the stories, see photos, and find further information on the stories. We will be continuously updating and expanding this website as we add stories that we could not cover in the hour, and as you share your own squeezebox stories – so please check back often.

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Squeezebox Stories is produced by radio journalist, Julie Caine, and ethnomusicologist and accordion player, Marié Abe. Support comes from the California Council for the Humanities and the Arhoolie Foundation.